WATCH: Parenting 101: Team Kramer Style

Parenting 101: Team Kramer Style

You’ve seen them in Instagram, you’ve seen them in Youtube and you’ve definitely seen them in Facebook! The No. 1 trending family in social media: TEAM KRAMER!

Team Kramer started in Doug Kramer’s Instagram. They were just a normal family who wanted to post pictures and videos just like any other family. They both enjoy watching it that they just wanted to share to their family members and friends who were part of their social media accounts. There was a fan who commented that he/she was a huge fan of Doug’s family and basketball skills. “I’m Team Kramer” the fan said. Those two words caught Doug’s attention and consulted his wife, Chesca, to use it as their hashtag. Since then, when they started to activate their family’s “Team Kramer” account, they had 15 to 20,000 new followers everyday that surprised them.

Kendra, Scarlett and Gavin are the names of their 3 adorable kids. At an early age, Doug and Chesca instills in them the importance of recognizing the Lord in their lives and appreciating family time. But of course, kids will still be kids so we asked them who usually picks a fight among the 3. According to Chesca, “Yung dalawang bunso, si Scarlett at Gavin kasi halos magkasing-laki sila eh. One year lang halos yung agwat nila pero sila yung nagka-clash”. “So dalawa sila, maglalambingan sila, then after a few minutes mag-aaway na yan pero at the end of the day, silang dalawa yung magkatabing matulog.” Doug added.

Will they let the kids enter the showbiz industry? Since they look so good and adorable on screen? Well, in Chesca’s opinion, she doesn’t see anything wrong about it but she would like for her kids to be just kids. Commercials and guestings are ok but at this age, especially the pressure of social media, and all these influences around, they think that it is not yet the right time to really immerse the kids in showbiz.

Still, in social media alone, the trio got lots of fans and followers! So we asked Doug and Chesca if the kids know that they are famous. “Si Kendra and Scarlett, I think especially si Kendra, I think she knows to an extent na. Kasi madami nagpapa-picture sa kanila, nag se-selfie. So siguro, I think they know. And then their classmates also “You know, we watched you on TV! We watched you in Youtube!” gumaganon sila. So alam nila. So, how do we make them feel about it? We say that fame is not the biggest thing. Enjoy it while you get a bit of attention but parang ayaw namin sila na maging over about me about me” said Doug. While for Chesca, “It’s not the “be it all” in our family. Meaning, we don’t talk about it. Children only begin to think that way when you feed their minds. Or people only begin to feel that way when you feed their ego. But with our children, that is not the most important thing and it’s not the topic of discussion in our family. To us, we talk about the importance of family time, God, loving and protecting each other. That is what our family is all about. I mean, that is why it is important for parents to guide their children. Make sure that whatever you tell your children will really enrich them: their minds, their hearts, their souls and their spirits, diba? Parents are accountable to whatever their children think. If you do not correct it, then of course, they’ll think otherwise. If you feed their minds with things that are not healthy for them, they will feel entitled. That is why, I don’t think it’s something that they’d think about. And when their classmates bring it up and then she tells us about it, what we just do is “Oh, you’re just blessed. But you know, it’s not like that.” Instantly, we downplay it.”

Being a parent is not an easy task. But according to Doug, parents should always remember to have God and Jesus Christ in your life. “It comes down to having Jesus Christ at the center of your relationship, center of your family and you know what? God will bless your family. If you’re going to do the same thing, you let your relationship be guided through Jesus Christ, you let your leadership as a father be guided by Jesus Christ as a husband, as a father, I think you’ll be in the proper path. So there’s no secret there.” he said.

Image Source: Team Kramer