Travel Guide to Jomalig Island, Quezon

This guide is based on what we have experienced on our trip. Last April 01, 2016, I called my friend, Jhem, who just got back from overseas work, I told them that my plan on weekend was cancelled and I am free to go wherever two days and one night may take us. I suggested going to Jomalig Island, but since its 6hrs boat ride we hesitate at first and consider Cagbalete. But I've been dying to visit Jomalig Island way back 2014. I adjusted the itinerary I saw from my research and told them it is possible to go to the island.

Friday night we start our adventure going to Jomalig Island.

How to go there?

1st - Land Travel
Go to Legarda and look for Raymonds Bus Terminal. This is in front of Arellano University. Bus leaves every hour. Ride a bus bound to Infanta Quezon and get off at Real Port Quezon. Make sure to inform the conductor that you are going to Jomalig Island so they can drop you to the exact port. There are a lot of ports there. Fare is 198 for aircon bus.

2nd - Boat Ride
From Real port, ride a passenger boat going to Jomalig. The earliest boat leaves at 10am. Yes. That's the earliest. But for us, since we are already full, I think about 50 passengers already? We leave by 9am. Fare is 350,inclusive of meal.

Where to Stay at Jomalig?

Bring your own tent is the best option. You can pitch in anywhere you want. There are also some locals who offer homestay. I don't have much idea about it, though.


The mother that we’ve met told us that they offer a nipa hut good for 10 for only 500. Not really sure much about it. But you can always contact her, details below.

TENT IS THE BEST OPTION. Where to pitch in your tent? Believe me you will never run out of it. During our stay there are only 8 groups, so we have the beach all by ourselves. Just please, leave no trace policy. Smile emoticon

Is There An Entrance Fee?

I don’t know if its called entrance fee but they will ask 170 pesos. Ate Malou of municipality treasures is the one in charge for this. But they will come to you on your place.




Where to Eat?


You can bring whatever food you may want. Basta yung Hindi madaling masira. You can also cook there if you are already been doing camping before. But be mindful of the fire. You can also have the locals cook it for you. Of course you'll have to pay for it. You can also order from them: meat, seafood’s, frozen goods, for as long as there are available, asked them first.



No restroom at the beach but many locals are offering this. You’ll have to pay again, of course. But I really don't know how much. They are very hospitable naman so you can politely ask them.



No electricity from 1am to 5pm. Even on the beachfront there are no source of electricity. Make sure to charge your gadgets beforehand and don’t forget to bring your flashlights, extra batteries, and power banks.



Contact Person?


We really don't have any contacts from the place neither to the boat. When we got on the island, my friend wants to eat fish and since this trip is spontaneous (I just asked them to join me last Friday) all we have is canned goods and chips. We met this very kind mother, Ate Denden, who helped us with everything. Food to charging our phones to using their restroom. She told us that a neighbor will be selling a pork meat and if we want we can buy 1kilo for the three of us and she will cook it for us. 


These are the menu she cooked for us during our whole stay:


Dinner – Sinigang na baboy

Breakfast – Longganisa and egg

Lunch – Inihaw na baboy


All this meal with rice plus the use of restroom and charging our gadgets cost us one thousand only that we divide with ourselves. Not bad, eh?

Here's her number 09489936005.




Can We Rent Our Own Boat?


Yes, you may! A lot has been asking me about this, since the earliest boat that leaves real quezon is 10am and it is 6 hours sea travel, clearly, it is time consuming. But I asked Ate Denden and she told me that yes, you may. Just contact her directly for the details for she will be the one coordinating with the boat man.




Overnight Jomalig Island Itinerary
(this is just based on what we've experienced and may still vary depending on delays et al)

11:00 PM ETD at Raymonds Terminal at Legarda to Real Quezon, ride a bus bound to Infanta, Quezon | Fare is 198 for aircon bus

3:30 AM ETA at real, quezon (travel time will depend on how fast the bus is or if there is traffic, make sure to inform the driver/kundoktor that you will be sailing to Jomalig Island, there are loads of port there, but you can ride a tryk if you got off at the wrong one and asked them to drop you at the designated port going to Jomalig)

9:00 AM ETD from real, quezon going to Jomalig Island (yes, 9am. honestly, the first trip is 10am. but since we are about 50 passengers that time they leave early, if you will be going in a big group you can make a reservation so that the boat will wait for you, but make sure to be there on time because there will be some "walk-in" who wanted to go there as much as you want to and are also conscious of their time and boat travel time may vary depending on the waves of the sea and how fast the boat is) | fare is 350 each inclusive of food, don't expect much, it’s a fisherman's meal, but still delicious, on our way they serve pinakbet and plenty of rice! | They also charge us 20 each? I really don't know what was that for

3:00 PM ETA at Jomalig island | 170 entrance(?), someone will approach you when you have to pay for it. There is no exact place. I think they will just roam over the long stretch island and will ask you to pay for it. Official receipt will be provided. Ate Malou of Municipality treasure are in charge of it.

3:30 PM onwards - pitching of tent. Rest. Enjoy the beach. Walk and discover the long stretch of the island. Play and swim with the kids local and wait for the beautiful sunset. Watch the stars at night et al. 

**I think itinerary will vary on whichever you prefer. But the earliest boat that leaves from Jomalig Island going back to Real port is 10am. Late is 2 pm. so base on that you may adjust your time and preferred breakfast or whatever activity you feel like doing the next day.

Breakdown of expenses

Bus from Legarda to Real Quezon 198 pesos

Boat from Real to Jomalig 350 pesos (inclusive of food)

Other fees 20 pesos

Island fee 170 pesos

Food(dinner,breakfast,lunch)/Restroom use 1000 divided by 334 ea

Boat from Jomalig to Real 350 (inclusive of food)

Bus from Quezon to Manila 178 pesos (ordinary bus)

TOTAL 1600 pesos


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