WheresFrankiePH: Surigao

by WheresFrankiePH

Already on the bucket list of both seasoned and novice travelers, Surigao is one local destination you should not miss. The travel isn’t cheap, but if you’re looking to cut costs, read on for my backpacking trip tips.


There are a number of ways to get around Surigao. For this trip however, we chose to go with the jabal-jabal. Compared to renting a van, the cost of renting the motorcycle will significantly decrease especially for smaller groups (5 pax). Plus, this mode of transportation also adds major adventure points.



Tinuy-An falls was the first place on our itinerary and the first thing that I did was lay down our banig (zero cost as opposed to paying for a cottage or table). By far the largest falls that I’ve seen, I couldn’t help but drop my jaw in awe. After a quick swim, we decided to climb to the top of the falls for a breathtaking view of the landscape below.



DSC_8027  DSC_8023








Our next stop was the famous Enchanted River. It was a bit of a challenge getting there considering the two and a half hour ride on the jabal-jabal, passing through rough roads. A quick break was mandatory. Before reaching the river, we bought seafood and had it cooked for lunch.

While waiting for the food, we decided to check out the river and take photos. We weren’t expecting just how beautiful the river really was—totally clear and a deep shade of blue—we opted to skip lunch for later and get straight to swimming. The varying depths made the shades of blue appear more beautiful. And the temperature of the water was just right for an enjoyable swim.

10632679_10152230563711360_8950219263447363643_n (1)



Overall Surigao has showed me that traveling farther distances can be rewarding. Rewarding to a point that the journey with friends made us closer. It brings out uncontrollable emotions that you didn’t think was there and that no matter how beautiful a place is in photos, seeing it in person become a truly stunning surreal experience.

6:00 Arrival at Bislig/ Breakfast
7:00 ETD to Tinuy-an Falls using Jabal-jabal
8:00 ETA Tinuy-an Falls
10:00 ETD to Enchanted River using Jabal-jabal
12:00 ETA Enchanted River/ Buy fish for Lunch (Paluto)
1:00 Late Lunch
4:00 ETD to Lodging
5:00 Lodging
7:00 Dinner/ Socials


P450 Jabal- Jabal (Bislig-Tinuyan-Enchanted river)
P30 Tinuy-an Falls Entrance fee
P30 Enchanted River Entrance fee


Travel Difficulty: Backpacker

What to try:
-Local Fish

1. It's cheaper to take a van if your group is more than 5
2. Bring Snacks

From Davao Take a Van or Bus to Bislig
From Bislig Jabal-jabal or Van to Tinuy-an Falls
From Tinuy-an Jabal-jabal or Van to Enchanted River
From Enchanted River Hitch hike to Lodging

Contact Persons

Van rental 09308602055
Dulfo Jabal-Jabal 09078660659
Gary Jabal-Jabal and Van 09298130658

Available Network Signal:
-Globe Strong
-Smart Strong


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