WATCH: Life Trip and Laugh Trip with Brenda Mage

“Tingin ka muna saglit! Aguy aguy aguy! Wag mo ako iwan! Wag mo ako iwan!”

These were just a few lines that you’d hear from one of the trending viral videos in social media. Bryan Tagarao, popularly known as Brenda Mage, made netizens roll on the floor because of her funny videos. Born in Cagayan de Oro Mindanao, Brenda braved the seas and went straight to Manila with the hopes for greener pastures. At first, it was a difficult journey. She had to stay with one of her cousins and sell corn on the streets for a month, worked as a janitor and as a service crew for a burger stand. She also auditioned to different TV stations but was not fortunate to get in. Luckily, she got a Personal Assistant (PA) gig with a local boy band and got close to one of the band member’s mom. The mom produced a movie for her son and Brenda got a role that was a perfect fit for her personality. Directors from different movies got to watch her first film thus kickstarting her acting career for Independent Films.

Brenda is a perfect example for us Filipinos who are currently facing our own struggles in life. She may have not had a really good start, but with her perseverance and positive attitude in life, she was able to get a job overseas and put up a small business that would help her family with their financial needs. She’s currently taking a break from her acting career and other gigs since she’d like to focus on her business and make it more successful.

This is just a glimpse of Brenda’s story that’s why you should watch her full interview for more inspiration, laughter and entertainment!