An Eye for a Wholesome Win


    Jiar “The Twister” Castillo, a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter who only has one functioning eye, has one thing in his mind every time he goes inside the ring: “Be the best MMA fighter, not only in the Philippines, but in the whole world.”

    Castillo earned the biggest win of his career when he defeated Norman “The Gunman” Agcopra and became the first-ever Flyweight Edition champion of the Fight Farm Series Season 1.

    He lost sight in his right eye when he was just 2 years old but his passion for MMA grew stronger during his P.E. classes and by watching Bruce Lee videos. His training does not end whenever he exits the gym, it still continues whenever he gets home.

    With all competitions, there will be a time when defeat would come knocking at your door. When Castillo experienced his first knock-out, he really felt bad about it but still decided to move on and train harder. “Everything is possible as long as you won’t stop.” Castillo said.


    Jiar is truly confident with his skills that is why he knows within himself that he can someday reach the top - by giving his best with every strike, with every wrestle, and with every grapple. He is one of the living proof that disability can never stop a man in reaching his goals. It just takes determination and will to accomplish everything that you want to achieve a wholesome win, not only in sports, but also in the game of life.