Up Close and Personal with the Next Kobe Paras: Rhayyan Amsali

“Gusto ko ma-achieve dream ko kaya sinuportahan ako ng parents ko.”

These were just some of the answers of the fast rising star of the NU Bullpups, Rhayyan Amsali, when we asked some questions about his personal life.

Amsali started making a name in the high school basketball arena when he was just 15 years old. Born in the rich island of Zamboanga, Amsali started his basketball career when he was in Grade 2. He was discovered via YouTube by Coach Jeff Napa, who was his dad’s former basketball teammate. Coach Napa then recommended him to Ryan Roose Garcia a.k.a RR Garcia’s former coach in the South, Coach Edwin Morones.

How was he convinced to leave his hometown and travel to Manila? He wanted to achieve his dream as a professional basketball player thus his parents supported him all the way.

Transferring to a different environment is a huge step. Amsali admitted that he had encountered numbers of challenges but the most memorable one was during his first training here in Manila. “Dahil sa probinsyano, binababa nila. Hindi ako nag-give up kasi sinsabihan ako nila mama na kaya mo yan!” True enough, Amsali became an MVP from 2014-2017 and is also part of the Mythical Five! Having these recognitions, Amsali never forgets where to get his inspiration: from his family and God.

This athletic young lad also achieved great heights on his academic performance. During his grade school years in Ateneo, from Grade 1 to Grade 5, he got 2nd honor and when he stepped on to Grade 6 he was part of the Top Ten. When he got into high school, he didn’t make it to the top ten since he started to focus with basketball. But even though he focused on sports, he made sure to balance his training and studies and never gets any failing grades! Also, by the time he reaches Grade 11, he’s planning on taking up Business Management. So what’s his usual day-to-day routine? “Pag school days, aral mula umaga sa hapon tapos nagte-training after from 4pm-7pm and still get the usual sleeping hours na 8-9”. To our young athletes, please do take note of this!

Aside from basketball, he also had other great opportunities like being an Alaska milk endorser from 2014 up until now, Sun Coast products brand ambassador of 2015, GNC Whey and vitamins endorser last 2015 to 2016.

Achieving this much at a very young age, Amsali has a pice of advice that he would like to share to his fellow atheletes and aspiring atheletes: “Wag makuntento kung ano ang meron sa inyo. Dapat araw-araw kayo gumagaling. Kasi araw-araw may gumagaling din na ibang tao.”